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Property Management Solutions & Services Inc.

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Property Management Solutions & Services Inc. is owned and operated by Andrew Evans. Property Management Solutions & Services Inc. represents Sellers and Buyers to meet their objectives. Property Management Solutions & Services Inc. is for you, the INVESTOR who rents the property, and is a resource for tenants who need a quality place to rent. We acquire and process tenant prospects and facilitate all matters, requirements, and needs including court proceedings, if necessary, for your property. For the RENTER, we locate the best available rental property to fit your needs. When it comes to individually customized service for the investor and the tenant, no one does it better than Property Management Solutions & services Inc.

Property Management Solutions & Services Inc has a service set up for you to be able to pay for maintenance repairs or any other type of service requests that were done or need to be done . The estimate / invoice / bills, for those repairs will be sent to you by email or fax. Once you receive the estimate / invoice / bill, payment can be made either by mailing or bringing to the office a check or we can process your credit card payment by calling the Office.

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